5 Ways to Raise a Reader

5 Ways to Raise a Reader

I’m going to be perfectly honest here, I grew up barely reading. Not because of any reading comprehension issues, but because of my LOVE for television. I despised our summer reading in high school so Cliff’s Notes were my BEST FRIEND! When I was pregnant with Elle, I knew that I wanted to teach her all about reading. For our baby shower, in lieu of cards, we asked for gently used or donated books. And we still have several , if not all of the books received at her baby shower. The best way to raiser a reader is to READ to your children. Here are my 5 tips on how I get my kiddo’s excited about reading.


1. Make a routine: I started my nightly reading routine by reading to Elle, while I was pregnant and I try to make a routine of a bed time story every night. I will be honest there are some days when we are extremely late with our bedtime so I will either cut the story short or cancel them all together. No one is perfect, but if you make it a habit the odds increase that your child will like to read as well.


2. Make it FUN: When I’m reading to the kids, I am a legit actor, you should hear my impersonations, the voices, the tone. It’s so exciting to me to see my kids react to the stories and the anticipation in their eyes as I read with such animation. I honestly try to go all out when I’m reading so that the kids pick me over their Dad ( yes it is a competition)


3. Borrow Books: Listen, the library is your best friend! My mother in law is really good at taking them weekly while I’m at work so that they can enjoy story time. This also helps them to become acclimated with selecting books and they are so excited to share their story picks. And hello….. it’s FREE!


4. Surprise them: I love ordering books from Amazon every once in a while,or bringing home a new book from my travels. When they are able to find something out of the norm they are so ecstatic. One resource that makes this extremely easy for us is the Dolly Parton Imagination library! Listen, this is a FREE program, our girl Dolly will send your child a free book every single month and we have been using this program for the last 3 years. Check out all the details here .


5. Reverse the Roles: I love when the kids read to each other, for example when I am running low , Elle will step in and read to her brothers. Maveric’s teacher wanted him to read every night and this is the perfect opportunity to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Jagger will even read the pictures, and Axel likes to join in. I limit screen time to weekends only so reading helps us throughout the week.

I hope that you were able to pick up something new, as it’s my goal to provide fr my Momtourage. Let me know what works for you below in the comments! Until next time….

Happy Reading ,


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