Lunch Date with bartaco

Lunch Date with bartaco


With so much underway things have been a little hectic especially with trying to work, motherhood, wife life and blog. Most days I have no idea if I'm going or going but even still I'm determined to get my monthly date in with JoColby! This month we had the opportunity to experience some tasty food from bartaco and let me tell you, we were absolutely pleased with the experience.

Right now they have an amazing secret menu item and I couldn't wait to try it out. Upon arrival we made our selections for our meal.

Our appetizer was guacamole and chips of course and I must say the guacamole was very delicious. We were pleased that we chose a large size because that guacamole didn't stand a chance.

I paired my meal with a refreshing glass of ginger grapefruit juice. This nonalcoholic beverage was so good and it's freshly made upon request.

We had 3 additional sauce choices that were table side ranging from hot, mild and medium.

Our food came out as prepared which was great and allowed us to enjoy our meal fresh and most importantly HOT! This is important to parents, especially moms.

JoColby enjoyed the Pork Belly rice bowl. He said it was amazing so if you're a pork lover be sure to try it out for sure.

I seriously enjoyed the cauliflower bowl, it was very flavorful and so delicious. In addition to this we enjoyed the secret menu which was............

Lobster Tacos! You guys know how much I love seafood so this was the highlight of my visit it was SO GOOD! Keep in mind this is a limited time!

I also enjoyed the roasted corn that reminded me of Mexican Street corn and get this you can have it on or off the cob. We had shrimp tacos as well, we ate GOOD.

We ended lunch with churros of course, and they were yummy. Even though we just ate there I seriously could go back and I already know exactly what I want.

Next visit I'm getting the cauliflower bowl, a lobster taco and corn, we had so much food it was a shame but we ate it all because it was THAT good! Be sure to check out a location near you. And let me know where you went on your last date! Be sure to Tell them Hanging With The Harrells sent you when you check out bartaco and until next time.....



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