The first 6 months

The first 6 months





As we quickly approach Axel's 1st birthday, I can't help but think about how important the first 6 months were! As many of you know, I struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and my personal breast feeding goal was to make it to 6 months. In addition to breast feeding, many of you know we get adjustments from the chiropractor and the one thing I learned was how important it is to have a healthy gut. And the best thing to help with a healthy gut is a good probiotic, and that's where Evivo comes into play.

Evivo helps babies keep good bacteria that improves the digestions system.  By Introducing B infantis to our babies gut it truly makes a difference with developing a healthy immune system as well as a healthy metabolism.  I really wish this was something I learned about when I had Elle, so that's why I am always excited to share Harrell Approved products with my Momtourage!

Here are some awesome advantages of Evivo:

  • Contains activated B. infantis
  • Developed from a decade of research with world- renowned scientist at the University of California
  • Clinically proven to reduce the presence of potentially harmful bacteria linked to asthma, allergies, obesity, and diabetes
  • The first and only baby probiotic to restore the infant gut microbiome to its original, natural state.

As our kids grow, we see new advantages with technology as well as new advances when it comes to our health so why not focus on our little ones as well?  I hope that this post helps another mom in my Momtourage.  And yes, if you're wondering I made it to the 6 month goal of breast feeding Axel before I started back with my infusions.  Hmm now I'm wonder if something like Evivo could have helped me as a baby

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