Momtourage Monday: SAHM staying true to herself!

Momtourage Monday: SAHM staying true to herself!


1. How would you define Momtourage?  To me, a momtourage sounds like a really bomb sisterhood! I love and will forever appreciate moms supporting, uplifting and encouraging one another. Community as a mama is so important and we all go through ups and downs during our parenting journey; a momtourage reminds us that we're not alone and that we're all in this together.

2. How do you balance Motherhood? 

Lots of coffee and Jesus (ha!) but in all honesty, I do plan my week out in advance to be able to fit writing, home and family time in. I do my best to not over crowd my schedule and learned the art of saying no nicely. I like to keep it simple, and I've accepted that I can't do everything. Scaling back has allowed me to do more really well. Motherhood is a 24hr, 365 job and when you're trying to do so many things in a day, less is more.

3. What is your Mommy must have item? 

Hands down, my planner! It kinda has my whole life embedded in those pages. I don't know what I would do without it. Probably buy a new one I guess, it's just that important to me!

4. What is your Momtourage story?

My husband Shawn and I are proud parents to our almost four month old son Isaiah who was born in November of 2017. I went into labor Halloween night and he was born via c-section the very next day. I've struggled with not being able to breastfeed as well as dealing with a tough recovery from a major operation. I started blogging about motherhood and taking photos of my son since the day he was born but from the very beginning wanted my online presence to be as authentic as possible. I've dealt with feelings of inadequacy very heavily when entering the instamom scene, mostly because I would see other women with beautiful homes and expensive clothes on their babies. I love the thrift store and was rockin' sweat shirts and spit up stained leggings in most of my photos! There was a point where I longed to be exactly like everyone else and wanted to dress up my reality to match what I saw. After thinking about who I was and what kind of writer I wanted to become, I knew doing so wouldn't capture how much I love my everyday motherhood moments- baby drool and all! Each woman has her own special story to tell, mines just so happens to be in my pajamas. So I write and take photos about all kinds of things things that inspire me, but it's mostly how much I love being Isaiah's mommy. I hope that through my content/ feed that message is can inspire someone to be the best version of themselves. You are more than enough!

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Thank you so much Najah for sharing your story! As always we hope these stories encourage, or inspire other moms and moms to be!

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