Momtourage Monday- Untraditional Momma

Momtourage Monday- Untraditional Momma


1. How would you define Momtourage? Momtourage is the group of women who are my sounding boards, who lift me and my family up in prayer, who hold me accountable. These are the women who are rooting for me, but will still tell it like it is and then give me the space and encouragement to make my own decision. These are women who have raised or are raising children and whose experiences inspire, educate, and motivate me to be the best mom I can be … even when I feel like I don’t have the capacity to do so.

2. How do you balance Motherhood?

I don’t know that you can balance motherhood. To me, balance means everything in equal parts and I haven’t figured out how to do that just yet lol. More than balance, I think it’s important to have boundaries to protect your peace and time. For example: Like a lot of working moms, my work email comes to my cell phone so it’s easy for me to always be “plugged in” without even realizing. So one of my boundaries is to not have my phone out at dinner or during family time in the evening, which protects my time with my husband and kids and, conversely, protects the time when I really need to be focused on work.

3. What is your Mommy must have item?

My phone, no question. My kids are 14 and 10 so they have obligations and activities that I need to keep up with in addition to my own. Specifically, the calendar where I not only capture all the dates but also text the calendar entries to my husband so they’re on his calendar; group texts so we can all communicate when we’re not together; the camera so I can capture our moments/memories; email so I can send messages on the go….I can go on and on.

4. What is your Momtourage story?

I was a relatively young mother. Some disagree but, for me, 20 years old was young to be responsible for a tiny human. And because we were so young, my husband (then boyfriend) and I were still trying to learn ourselves as young adults while also learning how to parent and dealing with this new dynamic in our relationship of having a baby. It made for some trying times to say the least. But we persevered.

After we had our daughter, people continued to ask, “when are you two getting married?” and our answer was always “when we’re ready.” See, our family was in a good place and we felt confident in our ability to co-parent, but we knew marriage would tap into a different set of emotions; require a different level of commitment and responsibility … and a different mindset, quite frankly. So, when WE were ready, we got married. And I tell people to this day, almost eight years later, that there was something very special about being able to share our wedding day as a family. Beyond our wedding day, I love that we’ve built our life as a family. Meaning, our children have been there every step of the way – college graduations, new jobs, buying our first home, new cars, traveling, etc.

My point in sharing this story is to hopefully inspire moms to build your family, your way. There’s no shame in doing things in a manner that works best for your family, even if it’s considered “untraditional” by someone else’s standards.

Thank you so much Angela for sharing your story! Check out more from Angela here. As always we hope these stories encourage, or inspire other moms and moms to be!

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