Hanging with the Harrells!

Hanging with the Harrells!


Finally we have come to this.... The official blog for my growing family that will soon be Harrell Party of 6!  hi-resimage-058-4

For years I've been told the following:

  1. We love your family - Makes me feel weird yet loved all at once
  2. You make motherhood "look" easy - Hmmm do they know that I am far from perfect and sometimes..... no ALOT of times I am screaming like a mad referee ?
  3. You should start a blog about your family.

Well after years of procrastination I am here, motivated and ready to take on the blogging world.  I coined the term "Hanging with the Harrells" after being told our family should have a reality show, not like #KUWTK but you know a more relate able, wholesome type family.  I mean in my eyes we are a normal married couple in our 30's with kids, trying to make it in this CRAZY world while keeping our marriage sacred and family filled with memories.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you can relate to something on this blog in one way or another.  Until then .....



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